About Us



For over 30 years in the gourmet food business and catering foods to our clientele, our father Giovanni aka “Gianni” created an incredibly popular spinach chicken patty with unprecedented taste.  After adopting my father’s recipe and maintaining the unrivaled quality of ingredients, we have now crafted the perfect chicken burger that is low calories, high protein, incredibly clean and super convenient!

We are dedicated to creating healthy “fast food” products that build a clean lifestyle without the time consuming hassle of making meals yourself! 


Gianni's Fast Food Redefined provides products for health-conscious individuals who do not have the time to cook for themselves/families the ability to purchase low calorie, high protein, clean, and delicious food products/meals that can be prepared straight from their freezer to their tables in under 15 minutes.

We are a national online brand with fully scalable facilities serving nationwide to provide customers with convenient, healthy, and delicious frozen food/meals delivered straight to their home from purchase.

Gianni’s wants to make it easier for people to live a healthier lifestyle by creating a culture of wellness for our customers and our employees.  We have cultivated a workplace of sustainability, health, and wellness and we want to share this vision with you!

Our Ingredients


One of the best sources of dietary magnesium and calcium.


Lowers the risk of several types of cancer, improves mood, and maintains the health of skin and hair.


Helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, regulate blood pressure, and improve immune responses to infection.

Bell Peppers

Lavishes you with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and nervous system benefits.


Great source of nutrients, including fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, and K.


Nutrient-rich, high in antioxidants, improves digestion, heart-healthy, improved vision, low-calorie density to aid in weight loss, and improves bone health..

Fresh Garlic

A great antioxidant source and very heart friendly we use garlic as a sauteeing agent for our freshly grilled vegetables!

Potassium Chloride (salt substitute)

The potassium in salt substitutes may reduce your risk for kidney problems, high blood pressure, stroke, osteoporosis, and abnormal heart rhythms.

Our Story, Our Promise

Our mission is to become the industry standard for all healthy alternatives that are low calories, high protein, clean, delicious and convenient. We want to make it easier for people to live a healthier lifestyle and enable a culture of wellness.

What Makes Us Different